Friday, October 25, 2013

Backpacking Camera

What's the best backpacking camera?

So what is the best camera for backpacking? Here are five photos taken with the Nikon P7000. It did an adequate job. All the shots are hand held as I did not take a tripod. I did not want the weight of my DSLR camera. Jordan took his D800 and didn't seem to mind the weight, but I am more picky about ultralight.

Some people recommend just using a cell phone, however I usually kept my phone powered off to save battery since there was no reception anyway.

The P7000 allows some amount of control such as picking the f-stop (2.8 to 8). However the time to save a photo to disk is still long compared to my "real" camera. The shots can be saved as raw which allows some editing later. I am on the side of getting as much right in camera as possible (like my old days of shooting slide film), but I would still rather shoot raw instead of straight to jpg.

The P7000 also seems to have too many external buttons and dials and just getting the camera out of a back and turning it on seems to set/reset options to things I did not want so I had to really pay attention.

All in all, I guess I was pleased with the camea since the trip was really a backpack trip rather than a photo trip, but I do miss my DSLR when I don't have it.

Location:Pictured Rocks, Lake Superior

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