Monday, August 10, 2009

Smoky Mountain Stream
Traveling down the interstate, thoughts of the beautiful Smoky Mountains auditioned in my head. Mountain tops, water falls, rivers, wooded paths, all that.
As we approached, the reality was far different.
"Ugly, ugly, ugly" is the only way I can describe Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.
People apparently love it in those towns. I was gagging.
Oh the humanity, Oh the humanity.

The family reunion part was good. Great people, good food, fun times.
Driving anywhere - well, not so much...

I did manage to make a drive to the mountains and do some drive-by shootings.
No real hiking or outdoor adventure, but at least spending time in the real mountains.
Below is a picture of a stream flowing south from Newfound Gap.
I shot about 100 photos and found one image that I sort of liked.
The white balance setting of florescent seemded to give the best overall look - interesting.
For the people who never got out of the towns, well hopefully they had fun shopping for overpriced stuff and getting stuck in traffic.
Oh the humanity.