Sunday, March 22, 2009

Backpack Trip

Last weekend's backpack trip to Zaleski added another entry into the adventure log of Running Wolf - the outdoor photographer.

This shot shows Jordan Hart, photograher, looking through a small opening in the rock. Jordan took a "real" camera while I only took a point and shoot just to record the trip for posterity. I can't wait to go back with the D300 and a tripod and get some actual pictures worth enlarging and framing. Did I just insult every point and shoot owner - sorry. But the tripod really does add a lot for depth of field and sharpnes.

Anyway, the backpack trip was, of course, outstanding. We stayed at campsite "D" which appears to be a popular Zaleski destination for shorter trips. We experimented with four different stove configurations. Two were homemade alcohol stoves and one was a homemade twig burning stove. It appears that the MSR Pocket Rocket "won" the competition. My homemade pop can alcohol stove came in dead last and gave my double wall titanium mug some character. Some might have said ruined, but the coffee still tastes the same and the mug is still usable. But it is back to the drawing board for me as far as home made stoves go. Tim's twig burning stove did real well, but I am still more interested in the alcohol for quick, clean, and light cooking.

We were camped by a group of German Baptists who were out with their sons. Around 10pm we heard the most beautiful hymn singing ever. They were singing in four part harmony some of the old time hymns. That experience may never be topped.

Here are some shots of the stoves:

And another shot of Jordan Hart, photographer: